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Different strokes for different folks,

everyday people...

Everyday People
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Welcome to EVERYDAY_PEOPLE ---

This is the place to submit your photographs of people
♪ in the street
♪ riding the bus or train
♪ hanging out in public places
♪ at work
& anything else that makes a great shot,

It may have been that they caught your eye, were they picking their nose? Maybe they decided to wear those hot pink shoes with their business suit? Perhaps there was something about the person or people that struck your eye and forced you to invade their privacy for the sake of art.

It seems the best pictures of a person are when they aren’t aware they are being photographed. Do you get a high from photographing strangers? It is ok to post the photographs of people you don’t know – it is ok to post photos of someone you do know – but this isn’t the place to post self-portraits, studio work, or snapshots of your family, friends and pets.

Please keep your submitted photographs an acceptable size if you’re posting a photograph past 800x800 you may be asked to resize the image to something smaller or to use lj-cut (posts containing unreasonably large images displayed without the benefit of lj-cut may be deleted after a warning - my apologies) Inappropriate content will be removed from the community: examples would include post that are spam, text only, and abusive comments.

If you have any questions or concerns, this community is maintained by ohubelka - you are welcome to send me an e-mail (ohubelka AT livejournal dot com)